Who we are

    We’re a marketing communications specialist, with extensive experience and insight of successfully marketing to the older, more mature consumer. Our vision and passion is to support you to become better informed and deliver enhanced B2C and B2B communications to this highly complex audience, driving up future business performance. 


    of UK advertising personnel are aged under 50. Source: IPA 2018 Agency Census

    We do this by drawing on our wealth of insight that we have about this older audience.  We then combine this insight with the knowledge and experience of our highly talented team, many of whom are older, mature individuals who really can relate to this audience.  The result is that we can add real value to your future communication strategy and delivery.

    By striving to understand their demographics and the ageing process – the physiological & cognitive aspects of ageing and its impact of attitudes and behaviour towards communication – we can better understand their channel preferences, and enhance communication delivery – including propositions, messaging, ToV, jargon free plain English and an overriding ‘treating customers fairly’ ethic.  As well as the nuances of copy length, colour, fonts, type size, imagery, all vital components parts in communication success.

    We’re constantly refreshing our insight about this audience by listening to their views, attitudes and behaviours, via one2one interviews, focus groups and many other research techniques, enabling us to refine how best to communicate with them.  Plus, we supplement our experience and insight of this audience by our panel of carefully recruited broad ranging group of older consumers, who we use to inform us on how ageing affects them and who can be called upon on to help verify, review and sense check your communications.


    of mature consumers feel that advertising is not relevant to them.
    Source = LTA, 2019

    Our core objective

    is to work in partnership with you to enhance your off and on-line communications and drive up business results and performance by supporting you to:

    Engage and interact

    Engage and interact with this audience more precisely

    Uplift brand awareness and positivity

    Influence positive purchasing behaviour

    Optimise enquiry and acquisition response

    Build an effective, long term CRM experience

    Drive up customer satisfaction

    Drive up customer satisfaction and retention

    Maximise customer value optimisation ROI

    Maximise customer value optimisation and ROI

    Why are we doing this? It’s because the older, mature market is immense and relatively untapped, largely because it responds in a very different way. And, we feel that the way in which this audience is communicated and engaged with by a broad range of businesses can be substantially enhanced.

    We really are here to help. We can add significant value in the way YOU talk to your older customers or prospects and Enrich your Knowledge, Engage with your Audience and Enhance your Business Performance.


    Did you know…

    A staggering 15,000,000+ UK adults are already aged 60+.
    Out of that total, over 11,000,000 UK adults are 65+, that’s equivalent to 23% of the UK adult population.
    What’s more an amazing 1,500,000+ UK adults are aged over 85+.
    Plus, this cohort group holds 65%+ of the UK’s entire wealth
    That’s a massive £145 billion a year is spent by the 65plus market.